Thursday, September 18, 2008

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Green Roofs Offer More Than Color for the Skyline -

Green Roofs Offer More Than Color for the Skyline -

I was quoted in this recent NY Times article. I am very excited about my discussion with Ken Belson, writer for the New York Times in regards to the recent Greening of Manhattan. Green roofs are now more in the media and political spotlight based on the recent passage of Local Law 5 of 2008 and the green roof tax abatement. Local Law 5 requires the City to adopt a stormwater management plan by the end of the calendar year. The green roof tax abatement, also known as SO7553, passed the State Assembly and Senate in June 2008. This may not sound very exciting, but the bottom line of giving $4.50 per square foot if 50% of your rooftop is covered by a Green Roof is a major step forward for NYC, bringing us in line with such cities as Chicago.

Kari Katzander