Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dwell Magazine- September Issue

Mingo Design can now proudly say..

"You can see us in Dwell Magazine."

The Gamble House one of Mingo Designs Harlem gems is featured in the architecture section in the September Issue of Dwell Magazine. Telling the tale of how we transformed what essentially was a dumping ground of rubble and broken glass into an Oasis on 136th Street.

"Landscape Architects imagine exterior spaces that talk to, describe, and compliment what they surround."

"A serpentine path of stones edged with cedar stakes creates the illusion of depth in a constricted Manhattan backyard. The narrow space now has theaters of activity to help the residents forget the city"

-Michael Cannell (the writer of the article)

Mingo Design Growing Greener

Mingo Design is a Landscape Design company based on the owner

Kari Elwell Katzanders 20+ years of experience combined with a sharp crew of multi-talented individuals.

Currently we design, install, and maintain Landscapes and Commercial spaces all over Manhattan and the surrounding area. Mindfulness of using green methods is always evident in Mingo Designs artful grow spaces.

Mingo Design is Growing from High End landscaping only to Designing and Installing Green Roofing technology into Kari’s signature Landscapes. This year Kari has been busy building a team that’s capable and driven to helping her thru this transition. Earth conscious, energetic and very exited about making NYC a healthier much greener place. Kari and her already knowledgeable team are constantly gathering and learning information on the innovations in Greening Technology and integrating this knowledge into the business and operations of Mingo Design.

Mingo Design thrives on the combination of Kari’s strength of Designing residential and commercial environments that comfort, delight and transport through fluid atmospheres, with bold integrated colors, using quality materials. As we Progress we would like to Educate the residential and commercial client that the addition of Green Roofing technology to even just a portion of their space can make a impact to the ecological heath of the city they live in.